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Officer William Porter trial: Freddie Gray case live coverage

A mistrial was declared Wednesday in the trial of Baltimore Police Officer William G. Porter, after jurors told Judge Barry G. Williams they could not reach a verdict on any of the four charges. Officer Porter is one of six Baltimore Police officers charged in the arrest and death of Freddie Gray. Updates from the courthouse are from Kevin Rector, Ian Duncan and Justin Fenton, unless otherwise noted.
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  • Prosecutors detail route of van

    By the time the van stopped at the corner of Druid Hill 
    Avenue and Dolphin Street, Officer William Porter opened the doors and heard Freddie Gray say, “Help” and that he couldn’t breathe.
     At that point, Porter picked Gray up off the floor of the van, but again did not place him in a seat belt.

    Police protocols, in place since 1997 and updated just days before Gray’s arrest, require that detainees be seatbelted. An exception is made when the prisoner is combative. But Chief Deputy State's Attorney Michael Schatzow said that Gray wasn’t fighting the officer and posed no such danger.

    “When those van doors closed, Mr. Gray was in a lot of trouble,” Schatzow said.

    Gray suffered a high impact injury to his neck as the van continued. When the van made a fifth stop, Porter peered into the back and Gray was on his knees, slumped over. Porter described Gray to investigators as “limp,” and responding in the affirmative when asked if he needed to go to the hospital.

    Police picked up a second arrestee, Donta Allen, and returned to the Western District police station. Allen was unloaded first, and when police looked in on Gray, he was in the same position as he had been at the fifth stop, Schatzow said.

    “Now, Mr. Gray is unconscious. Now, Mr. Gray is not breathing. Now, Mr. Gray’s heart is not beating,” Schatzow said. 

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