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Live Coverage: Winter storm blankets Baltimore region in snow

    Lacrosse convention downtown

    The organizers of a major lacrosse convention in downtown Baltimore were not put off by the bad weather and are pressing on with the weekend-long event -- even a happy hour scheduled for Saturday night at Pickles Pub was set to go on.

    Organizers had expected some 4,000 people to show up for the annual US Lacrosse Convention at the Baltimore Convention Center, spokesman Paul Krome said. Attendance was down because of the storm, but the people who were there were enjoying themselves, he said in a phone interview.

    "Coaches and fans are walking around the expo hall," Krome said. "So far so good."

    The organizers decided that with so many people coming in from out of town it didn't make sense to cancel the event and leave them stewing in their hotel rooms, Krome said. Some exhibitors and speakers weren’t able to get to Baltimore, but others have been filling in where they can.

    But not everyone who had shelled out the $160-plus ticket price for the convention was happy, though. Several people posted to the LaxCon Facebook page questioning the organizers' decision.

    "Please tell me you will do some sort of credit or refund for local people who don't have overnight accommodations!" one person wrote. "It would be severely dangerous for us to venture out and travel to and from during this major storm." -Ian Duncan
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